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報告題目Pattern Recognition Journal

報 告 人:Edwin Hancock教授(University of York










Pattern Recognition was first published in 1968. The first Editor-in-Chief was Robert Ledley, Professor of Biophysics at Georgetown University, Washington. With the publisher Robert Maxwell, Ledley negotiated the publication of a raft of journals in the area of Biomedical Computing, including Pattern Recognition. Ledley was a distinguished scientist who invented the wholebody CT scanner, pioneered optical character recognition and was a winner of the National Medal of Technology and a member of the National Inventors Hall of Fame in the USA. He was succeeded by Ching Suen as EiC in 2008 and by myself in 2016. Since its foundation the journal has thrived with growing interest in the field of Pattern Recognition, and in particular recently with the rapid explosion of interest in deep learning. We now have approaching 2500 submissions per year, an editorial board of over 100 associate editors and publish some 400 papers per year. In 2019 we achieved our highest impact factor to date of 5.898. In this talk I will describe some of the history of the journal, present statistics concerning its performance, and describe our editorial policies for selecting high quality papers in the field of pattern recognition.



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